Stones Place: Best whiskey mixes and cocktails

Over the past decades, there has been a growth in the varieties of whiskey and we’re excited to show them all to you. Savour the flavour of delicious bourbon aged entirely on the ocean or feel the kick of flavour from Japanese single malts right here at Stones Place! 

Try out the best Whiskey cocktails and mixes! 

Now that you know your whiskey, it’s time to learn a few mixes that will make your drink exciting. Here are the whiskey cocktails that our bartenders recommend for a fun night out!

  1. Manhattan cocktail 

Manhattan cocktail is a bar classic and it is made of rye whiskey, succulent vermouth and bitters. It is one of the most iconic drinks in the world much like a martini. It is a splendid recipe that goes well with any mood.

  1. Old-fashioned 

If you want to dress up your whiskey in the simplest way possible, this is it! Old-fashioned is served in a wide mouth glass along with bitters, sugar and orange slices to taste. To enjoy the flavours fully, you need to keep them chilled with ice. It’s one of those drinks fast cocktails since you wouldn’t want the ice to overtake the sweet and delicious flavour of the whiskey.

  1. Vieux Carre 

Vieux Carre is a legendary drink in New Orleans. This big easy drink is made with rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, Benedictine and two different styles of bitters. As a divinely complex drink, this drink is a bit challenging to mix on your own. It should have a balanced flavour and the sweetness should be kept at a minimum so you can savour the richness of the rye. 

  1. Highball 

If you’re looking for a drink that will offer you a refreshingly light feeling, highball is the cocktail for you! This two-ingredient drink served in a tall glass perfectly blends whiskey, rye scotch, bourbons and any other whiskey that can go perfectly well with ginger ale. You can even lighten it up with a club soda to add sweetness and a sizzle! 

  1. Whiskey cobbler 

If you’re a person who enjoys fruits in their drinks, you’re going to love this whiskey cocktail. The whiskey cobbler is a mix between seasonal fruits and your sweetened whiskey. If you want to add a refreshing twist to your drink, you can also pour a little bit of club soda in it!.  

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