Stones Place Open Events

You get what you need at Stones Place. For over 20 years in the bars and nightclubs industry, the weekend of the locals of Toronto is incomplete without the fun weekly open events of the Stones Place. Lucky for our team, we have the party master — founder and owner — Jerry Stone!

While the bar is strongly influenced by the musical prowess of the Rolling Stones, the team does not limit in offering a variety of amazing ideas. Music fans ranging from rock ‘n roll to classical music are very much welcome inside the bar! And if we may be so bold, our versatile and progressive attitudes make us stand out in the vast and beautiful city of Toronto.

Stones Place is open weekend nights from Fridays to Saturdays from 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM. End and complete your week with our events. We have 5 sufficient days to prepare everything needed by all guests. Tell us your reviews, insights, requests, and what more we can do to improve your experience. 

Don’t miss out on these events by often checking this page for updates, as well as to have a peek as to what sort of fun we have coming up for you every week.

To ease your read in this post, below is an overview of the topics. If our events excite you, don’t forget to share this page with your friends and family. While parties are incredibly fun when meeting new people, celebrating and drinking with close ones is another treasure to wonder.

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    • Saturday Night Jukebox Dance Party with DJ Blush
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    • My Bad
    • ‘80s Mix Tape Dance Party
    • Beatles and Stones
    • Freaky Friday
  • Meet our all-female DJs
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Stones Place events

Wear your best attire and dancing shoes for the events listed below. And as ever, all talents are most welcome in this bar.

  1. Saturday Night Jukebox Dance Party with DJ Blush

Classic and groovy, now that’s more fun! For every Saturday night starting at 9:00 PM, Stones Place parties not only like the ‘60s, but also the ‘70s and ‘80s! To join this event, each guest will cover C$10.

  1. Rhythm & Booze (1st Friday of every month)

For Mr. Stone, when you start the month, start it right. And by ‘right’, he means rhythm and booze. This event is all about music, relaxation, drinking, and talking. That’s right. You start the month slowly yet freely. In this night, the bar sets up a stage for people who wish to play something. To join this event, each guest will cover C$8.50. 

  1. My Bad (2nd Friday of every month)

‘My bad’ is a phrase often mentioned and heard everywhere, more so during games. So, let’s hear more of it with the bar’s fun-packed games! And yes, our games are more than just billiards and the like. To join this event, each guest will cover C$10.

  1. ‘80s Mix Tape Dance Party (3rd Friday of every month)

Every 3rd Friday of every month, we invite you to the varied funky music style of the ‘80s! Our DJs cover sorts of genres ranging from post-disco, Italo disco, euro disco, punk, new wave, a bit of pop, and of course, soft rock! To join this event, each guest will cover C$12.50.

  1. Beatles and Stones (last Friday of every month)

Yet beyond the counter and drinks, this bar was built with a musical foundation. So, to end everyone’s month, let’s raise our glasses and prepare our dance routines for these legendary icons in the music industry. This event solely plays songs from the Beatles and Stones. The team also sets up a stage for people who like to play live. To join this event, each guest will cover C$11.10. 

  1. Freaky Friday

Inspired from the 2003 American fantasy-comedy/family film entitled Freaky Friday, this event celebrates Halloween. Get your costumes ready because rumour has it that Mr. Stone awards the Best Costume with C$150! To join this event, each guest will cover C$15.

Meet our all-female DJs

Stones Place owes its impressive music to our killer pack of all-female DJ’s. Meet DJ Blush and DJ Misty, read their professional background below.

DJ Blush

‘Music is life’, is DJ Blush’s forever mantra. Her full name is Brittney Townson-Labovitz. While she grew up in Toronto, her values are encompassed by her parents’ teachings and, of course, their music. At a young age, she has grasped anything found in the genres, such as soul and blues, the ‘60s and ‘70s, folk and disco, ‘80s new wave, rock ‘n roll, ‘90s Brit-pop and hip-hop. Well, she is basically a musical genius.

Prior to working with Stones Place, she has had the chance to throw impeccable soul dance parties for public figures. This led her to numerous magazine interviews, photoshoots, up until being nominated for the Best DJ category of the Now Magazine. Fast forward to now, has spun reels to other prominent places, such as The Drake Hotel, Swan Dive, The Monarch Tavern, The Painted Lady, The Red Light, Harbour Sixty Steakhouse, and many more! 

DJ Misty

2014 and 2015 were the brimming point of DJ Misty’s career. Living up to her name and soul-driven career, she was awarded the Best DJ by Reader’s Choice Awards in 2014. Then in 2015, she was the Runner-Up as BEST DJ by Now Magazine. From private events to bars and everything in between, she crosses the airwaves in the city. She is most likely fond in rock ‘n roll, soul, vintage, R&B, and punk. Now, she’s one of the top choices for events — a good thing that Stones Place has her, huh? 

Join our events — Reserve your slots!

Since Stones Place only opens twice a week, we get advanced private bookings for our lounges. That said, we try our very best to accommodate as many people as possible. For guests who attend singly or as a group of 5 (maximum), reserve your slots here on this page. If, on the other hand, you prefer a bigger room, we suggest you try our private lounges. You can find the link to it below in this post.

Reserved slots are done individually — forms filled out, and payments paid by one person. The online booking form allows us to have a more transparent business, ensuring a detailed track of record. We guarantee that all amassed personal details will be handled with care and utmost privacy. And lastly, bear in mind that booked slots are only confirmed when full payment is received. It is final and could not be refunded.


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Reviews: What people are saying about us

Still reluctant in joining our parties or trying out our place? We will let what people are saying about us through the reviews posted below.

  • ‘We absolutely love this place! In our short stay at Queen Street West, Stones Place has been our consistent go-to night place for successive days already. The vibe is awesome, and don’t get me started on their rocking music choices’. — Shane
  • ‘Kudos to their brilliant DJs, the music gets everybody up and rocking! The available beers are quite good I have to say.’ — Riley
  • ‘It is a great atmosphere and vibe. The DJs are really skilled as their music is always on point! We will surely go back next week, and I am pretty excited about it’. — Matt
  • ‘Although I know that the place is purely for rock ‘n roll fans, I like the interior design, decor, and vibe’. — Marco
  • ‘I come from a far province, so it has only been one visit. But, my experience was such a fun dance night. Both the crowd and staff are friendly, only that there weren’t enough bartenders’. — Brian
  • ‘Whenever my friends and I are not busy, Stones Place is our all-time favourite hangout site. It’s always fun, although it takes time to get warmed up. But once it gets going and everyone is on their feet, the place hops! — Ben

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