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In Retrospect to The Rolling Stones

For nearly 60 years, The Rolling Stones stood the test of time in the music industry. It ranks 2nd as one of the oldest existing bands, and, perhaps, also the ‘world’s greatest rock and roll band’. While there are still debates on the said statement — not to mention the laughing opinion set forward by Keith Richards — one can’t erase the fact that they pioneered hard/heavy rock. And as always, you get what you need at Stones Place. On this page, allow our passion to guide you to the musical greatness of the Stones.

For only 0.97 seconds, there are about 175,000,000 results already of everything about the Stones in a search engine. After decades in stadiums and several changes of band members, they are still among the best-selling music artists of all time. To date, they have since recorded more than 20 albums and over hundreds of singles. It is hardly surprising to know that it has sold more than 240 million albums worldwide.

To ease your read on this page, we have provided below an overview of the topics. Don’t forget to share with us which song or albums is your most all-time favourite!

  • The Rolling Stones
    • Early days
    • Musical journey
  • Discography
    • Best selling albums of all time
    • Accolades

The Rolling Stones

What makes the Stones the greatest? If not for their musical prowess, then it has to be their longevity. But one thing is almost certain, it surely can’t be their consistency. Time and again, the band still receives critics. 

Despite the members’ decades of closeness, and music and stage knowledge, they also become sloppy and crestfallen. In the words of Keith Richards, the band’s 2nd vocalist and guitarist, ‘on any given night, it’s a different band that’s the greatest rock & roll band in the world’. Whether modesty resides on him or mere truth, let’s revisit their early days and noteworthy musical journey.

Early days

Formed in 1962, the Rolling Stones is a British rock group with roots coming from the Chicago blues. Yet years before that, the band members’ connections went all the way back to 1949. Original members, which are present until today, namely, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger went to school together in Dartford, Kent. 

After 11 years of parting, they crossed paths again — on platform 2 of Dartford railway station. The former was studying at Sidcup Art College; whereas the latter was attending London’s School of Economics. While separated, Jagger had already formed a garage band along with his friend Dick Taylor, who soon to have become the founding member of the Pretty Things. From then on, the 3 young musicians often meet to pursue music. In 1961, two young men joined, Alan Etherington and Bob Beckwith completed the group that answers to the name Blues Boys.

Although the promising band didn’t last longer — Jagger, Richards, and Taylor remaining — they formed another line-up which resulted at the beginning of the Rolling Stones. The band includes slide guitarist Brian Jones, keyboardist Ian Stewart, and drummer Tony Chapman, whereas the first 2 came from another band called Blues Incorporated.  

In July 1962, their first show was at the Marquee Club, London. A little while later, they started their first tour in the country where they played covers, making a name for themselves during the British Invasion. And due to constant rehearsals and shows, they resided in the Crawdaddy Club, which is a music venue located in Richmond, Surrey, England. From then on, roads, tour buses, and stadiums filled with thousands of people were the revolving features they have been bearing. 

Musical journey

From 1962 to 1964, the group established a following. Giorgio Gomelsky, Swiss-born filmmaker and music manager, shortly managed the band. Then in May 1963, Andrew Loog Oldham was signed as their official manager. Yet due to his minimum age, thereby disallowing him to get an agent’s license, he worked alongside booking agent Eric Easton. 

The Stones is known for their pompous yet vulgar image. But prior to that, Oldham first wanted to apply Brian Epstein’s approach (the Beatles’ manager), which was having the members wear suits with styles and colour akin to each other. Later on, he changed his mind where what he actually wanted was a stature completely opposite to the Beatles. In his words, to establish the Stones as ‘threatening, uncouth and animalistic.’ 

The first signed and official recording label of the Stones was the Decca Records. It gave the group a contract with propitious terms, such as royalty rate, full artistic control, as well as ownership of their mastering tapes. It wasn’t until in April 1964 when they released their debut studio album, named The Rolling Stones (England’s Newest Hit Makers).

The height of fame arose around 1965 to 66. Their 2nd studio album, The Rolling Stones No. 2, ranked No.1 on the UK charts. The album’s American version, on the other hand, ranked No.5. As for their global reach, it was the solo ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ that paved the way to commercial success. Fast forward to today, they have sold over 240 million copies worldwide, and have 4 of 48 tours as one of the world’s highest-grossing tours of all time. 


The successfully sold copies are owed to their 30 studio albums, 33 live albums, 29 compilation albums, 121 singles, 48 video albums, and 77 music videos. A recall to mind, listed below are their studio albums.

YearStudio album title
1964The Rolling Stones (England’s Newest Hit Makers)
196412 X 5
1965The Rolling Stones No. 2
1965The Rolling Stones, Now!
1965Out of Our Heads
1965December’s Children (And Everybody’s)
1967Between the Buttons
1967Their Satanic Majesties Request
1968Beggars Banquet
1969Let It Bleed
1971Sticky Fingers
1972Exile on Main St.
1973Goats Head Soup
1974It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll
1976Black and Blue
1978Some Girls
1980Emotional Rescue
1981Tattoo You
1986Dirty Work
1989Steel Wheels
1994Voodoo Lounge
1997Bridges to Babylon
2005A Bigger Bang
2016Blue & Lonesome

Best selling albums of all time 

In spite of their global fame and musical success, staying at the top was never consistent. While the majority obtained music recording certifications, such as Gold and Platinum from RIAA, MC, BPI, ARIA, and SNEP, to name a few, only around 10 are their best selling albums.

  1. Emotional Rescue — 6.8 million
  2. Exile on Main St. — 10.9 million
  3. Goats Head Soup — 12.1 million
  4. Beggars Banquet — 15.6 million
  5. Out Of Our Heads — 16 million
  6. Tattoo You — 16.2 million
  7. Some Girls — 18.3 million
  8. Aftermath — 19.6 million
  9. Let it Bleed — 21.3 million
  10. Sticky Fingers — 21.7 million


With millions of fans around the world, along with numerous recording certifications, the Stones is a magnet to accolades. Either it is as prestigious as the Grammys or awards chosen by public masses, the group receives a good number of honours. Listed below are their wins, by year:

YearPresented byName of the award
1964NME AwardsBritish New Disc or TV Singer for Mick Jagger
1964NME AwardsBritish Rhythm and Blues for ‘Themselves’. 
1987Grammy AwardsGrammy Lifetime Achievement Award
1988Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame for ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’
1994Billboard Music AwardsArtist Achievement Award
1994MTV Video Music AwardsVideo Vanguard Award for ‘Themselves’
1995Grammy AwardsBest Music Video, Short Form for ‘Love Is Strong’Best Rock Album for ‘Voodoo Lounge’
1995MTV Video Music AwardsBest Special Effects for ‘Love is Strong’
1999Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame for albums Beggars Banquet and Sticky Fingers 
2005Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame for Let It Bleed
2006Billboard Live Music AwardsTop Tour Top Draw
2012Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame for Exile on Main St.
2013Billboard Live Music AwardsConcert Marketing & Promotion Award
2014Billboard Live Music AwardsTop Boxscore
2014Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame for ‘Honky Tonk Women’
2017London International AwardsBest Direction (Bronze) for ‘Ride ‘Em On Down’
2018Grammy AwardsBest Traditional Blues Album for Blue & Lonesome
2018Grammy Hall of FameGrammy Hall of Fame for ‘Paint It, Black’

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