Reservations provide you with a lounge area as well as line-bypass until 10:30PM.

Everyone pays cover except for the people who are celebrating their Birthday! 

Please be sure to give us a rough number of guest you expect.

Please email us to book a lounge or with any questions you may have at:

Stones Place: Reserve Your Seats

Welcome to Stones Place! Committed to bringing only the best parties in the town, don’t miss out in trying our excellent dishes, impeccable service, and impressive music! Now that we have embraced digital tech, we are more than happy to ease your Friday/Saturday night out through the Stones Place reservation system.


While our team does welcome walk-in guests and accommodate as many as possible, Stones Place gives high regard to reservations. We want you to enjoy your stay, more so relish the moments with your friends which will add great value to your memories. In so doing, see to it that you have intently read the listed reminders and policies below prior to filling out the forms.

Events policies

The bar is open to hosting both private venue rentals (a certain lounge or the entire bar) and public events. In turn, this page caters to the former; whereas for the latter, you may reserve your slots in our bar events page.

The vastness of the place enabled our team to offer 10 wide, relaxing lounges. Each is soundproof and has psychedelic curtains dividing you and your friends from the public and dance floor. Listed below are the names of lounges, see which room best suits your group.

  • Stones Lounge: Named after the band itself, this is the biggest and most well-equipped lounge.
  • Ronnie Lounge
  • Bar Lounge (with a billiard table)
  • Mick Lounge
  • Lizard Lounge 1 and 2 
  • Keith Lounge
  • Jimmy Lounge
  • Fish Tank Lounge
  • Front Lounge

Reservation policies

  • The online booking system allows the team to have a more transparent business. It helps us track a detailed record of all schedules and clients. We ensure that all submitted and recorded personal details are handled with care and privacy. You may refer to our privacy policy page for a thorough review. 
  • Bookings are only confirmed when full payment is received. Read more below to see our payment policies.
  • All payments are final and could not be refunded. 

Payment policies

For payments, the team accepts cash, but highly recommends debit/credit cards and bank transfers. For cards, we approve AMEX, VISA, and MasterCard. For bank transactions, we receive payments through RBC, TD, BMO, and Scotiabank. 

Indoor and outdoor policies

  • Stone Place offers guests with a wide free parking lot. It follows a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • We have an outdoor dining area, which you are welcome to bring your pets.
  • Smoking is allowed both indoor and outdoor. 


Full name 
Mobile No.
Email address
Number of people
Name of lounge (or the entire bar)
Date and time
Form of payment
Any requests or remarks

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