Social Wall

social wall

You get what you need at Stones Place. With our long history of service, the weekend of the locals of Toronto is incomplete without the bar’s fun weekly open events and dynamic food grub. That said, what we are prouder of is our versatile and progressive attitudes. These qualities are what makes us stand out in the city.

While the bar chiefly takes inspiration from the musical prowess of the Rolling Stones, our team’s creative space extends to a variety of amazing ideas. As part of our digital project, we are quite pleased to share with you Stones Place’s social wall. Now, you can easily and quickly post your photos and reviews. In a word, just think of it as one of your social media accounts.

From concrete walls to a social wall space

Flamboyant owner and collector Mr. Jerry Stones is a fan of photos! Aside from displaying his extensive collection of keepsakes of The Rolling Stones, he dedicates a portion of the bar’s walls to post his guests’ pictures. Well, what can we say? He is a very passionate and appreciative man.

Now that the team has embraced digital tech, even guests can post photos and reviews. Here in Stones Place, the social wall is for everyone! As we are excited to see your content, allow us to give you a rundown of reminders about it.

  1. Can I learn more about the social wall?

Shortened for ‘social media wall’, a social wall is a platform of amassed posts shown on single digital signage. If streaming live games and concerts amaze you, a social wall takes the thrill to a higher level. While photos are the often posted contents on this website, guests can set live posts all at the same time. Now, Stones Place fans at home can see what’s happening at the bar by just clicking either on the post or the account of the uploader.

  1. Do we have to make an account?

Yes! As mentioned before, you may think of our social wall like your typical social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. This is because it gives you the option of whether to create a new account or sync it with one of your social media pages.  

  1. How does the live posts work?

Simple! After you made an account, look for the ‘post a content’ button to upload a live post. Then, you could add a specific hashtag (either made by you, your friends, or from the staff) to reach more people faster.

  1. Can I make friends with Stones Place people?

Yes, but our digital team designed the social wall with limitations in order to provide a safer and more secured space. Unlike the famous social media platforms, the wall does not have a search bar. For instance, you could only find their accounts if they posted content on a public forum or a live post. For other rules and details about this matter, please refer to our login page.