Flamboyant owner of Stones Place, Jerry Stone, has been a collector of Rolling Stones memorabilia for well over 40 years – and it shows. The walls of legendary Toronto bar Stones Place are covered in guitars, gold records and posters from every era of ‘The Boys’ career! Located in Parkdale in the heart of Queen West, the space is an open concept rock’n’roll utopia with loads of special and rare collectors items and psychedelic curtains separating the lounges from the dance floor – it makes the perfect backdrop for our top-drawer DJ’s and dance parties that are always found at Stones Place!


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You get what you need at Stones Place!

Meet the Stones Place: About Us

As much we are excited to drink and party with you, allow us to tell you first a little bit about the bar. With over 20 years of service in Parkdale, Queen West, Stones Place stands distinctive for its commitment and ardour in the music industry.

About the Stones Place

Beyond parties and drinks, Stones Place was built with the impression of extolling the musical greatness of The Rolling Stones. Yet over the years, the collections were added with 2 other legendary music icons, namely, Madonna and the Beatles. Who would have thought that this quirky, house-looking bar was established by a fan? Well, we’ll just have to know the story through its flamboyant owner and collector Jerry Stone.

Jerry Stone has been a collector of The Rolling Stones keepsakes for over 40 years, where all items are very much present inside the premises. Whether he buys or receives gifts from close friends, original guitars, gold records, and posters cover the entirety of its walls. 

His ardent support dates back around ‘64 and early ‘65 in which he only discovered the band’s songs by accident at a gas station. As he recalls when he first met them in Hollywood Place, he said, ‘they had an independent look (where) there [weren’t] that suit look (or) uniform package dry clean right up’. While Mr. Stone used to be a pressed-shirt man himself, he liked the band’s sweatshirt, long hair, and jersey leather jacket attire. With millions of fans of The Rolling Stones, he has had the chance to practice with the band. He and his friend, Nick, would be invited over to watch their rehearsals.

From clothing store to a themed bar

Mr. Stone discovered his musical talent at a very young age. By 15-years-old, he ran away from home to pursue a career as a guitarist — rhythm and lead. While he has the talent and technical know-how, he loved shopping and has grown a flair with clothes. Hence, he opened a clothing store called Mr. Stone. After 9 successful years of his first business, he took a time off. As he regrouped himself after a divorce, an offer/idea from a friend prompted him to establish the themed bar.

Inside the bar

Mr. Stone is a fan of photos! He keeps them by posting on the bar’s walls. But now, you can see more pictures through this website. Collections aside, the vast place has a dance floor and 10 lounges to relax with your friends. 

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Now that you have learned a thing or two about Stones Place, we want you to get to know more about the very essence by which Mr. Stone laid the bar’s foundation. See the riveting long-standing journey of The Rolling Stones here on this page: In Retrospect to The Rolling Stones. Don’t forget to share with us which song (or album) is your most all-time favourite!